Finance and Audits

The finance division of CWS-P/A, with its head office in Karachi, ensures that all aspects of financial management and administration are handled according to established budgetary guidelines and procedures and are also managed with efficiency, transparency, and accountability in all aspects. Financial reports are provided to the donors as required. The managers in the finance section are qualified chartered accountants.

External Audits

CWS-P/A external auditors are Ernst & Young International Ltd, BDO Ebrahim & Co., and Parkar Randell Limited. External audits of CWS-P/A take place at the Karachi office on a biannual basis, while the project audits take place on the completion of each project. Audits are conducted as per the requirements of donors for individual projects.

View last year's annual report

Bank Account Details for Donations

Church World Service EURO Account
Bank Name and Address JS Bank Ltd. Shaheen Commercial Complex Karachi—Pakistan
Bank Tel +92 21 2630343
Account Title Church World Service - General EURO Account
Account Number 171007077
Currency EURO
Remarks Please transfer funds to American Express Bank Limited, Frankfurt
Swift Code AEIBDEFX for credit to account JS Bank Ltd, Karachi (Swift Code: JSBLPKKA) EURO Account No. 424-018003603 for further credit to: Account No. 171007077 of Church World Service—General EURO Account
Church World Service USD ($) Account
Bank Name and Address JS Bank Ltd. Shaheen Commercial Complex Karachi - Pakistan
Bank Tel +92 21 2630343
Account Title Church World Service
Account Number 171000129
Currency USD ($)
Fedwire ABA 124071889
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