Church World Service-Pakistan/Afghanistan is an international nongovernmental organization which implements humanitarian and development activities across Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Since 1954, CWS-P/A has worked for the development and relief of marginalized communities on the basis that all individuals irrespective of race, faith, color, sex, economic status, or political opinion have the right to choose how to live. The organization assists communities to achieve economic prosperity and improve human and social capital through participatory endeavors, which liberate families and enhance their capacities to take control over their lives. Committed to quality performance, human rights, right to access information, and right to complain, CWS-P/A ensures that its humanitarian and development initiatives provide communities with their pertinent right and authority over resources.

Projects are organized out of its three programs: Capacity Building Program, Disaster Management Program, and Social Development Program. CWS-P/A’s thematic priorities include: disaster management; water, sanitation, and the environment; health; education; livelihoods; peace and governance; and quality and accountability.

Globally, CWS-P/A is part of CWS, Inc. and is registered with both the governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Locally, it has a distinct identity through its advisory board, diverse national staff, and strong linkages with local/regional networks and partnerships. It has offices across Pakistan and Afghanistan and a network of close to four hundred partners.

CWS-P/A is ISO 9001:2000 (revised to ISO 9001:2008) accredited and certified in USAID management standards. It is a member of the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP), People in Aid, the International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA), and the ACT Alliance and is an associate member of Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN). It achieved HAP certification in 2011. CWS-P/A is both the Country Focal Point in Pakistan and the Regional Partner in Asia for Sphere. CWS-P/A is also a signatory to the Red Cross/Red Crescent Code of Conduct for NGOs in Disaster Relief.

CWS-P/A is a member of the

ACT Alliance

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Pakistan Floods

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