Program Departments

CWS-P/A programs are organized out of its three departments: the Capacity Building Program (CBP), the Disaster Management Program (DMP), and the Social Development Program (SDP).

With a network of close to four hundred partners, CWS-P/A adopts various approaches to project implementation. The organization can either be fully or semi-operational or work directly with an implementing partner depending on the type of project. This versatility enables CWS-P/A to cater every initiative to the needs of the communities, thus, preserving their dignity, self-reliance, and ownership.

The Capacity Building Program supports civil society organizations, development professionals, community groups, and religious bodies in developing capacities at individual and organizational levels and also to create an enabling environment. The cross-cutting program objectives work toward creating awareness and interfaith harmony and promoting peace, tolerance, and gender balance.

The Disaster Management Program (DMP) is a comprehensive program that immediately responds to disasters in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Assistance is provided through relief and rehabilitation activities. DMP also engages in disaster risk reduction activities which help prepare communities to cope with future disasters and to evaluate their risks and vulnerabilities.

The Social Development Program (SDP) strives to empower marginalized communities in order to achieve sustainable development within Pakistan and Afghanistan. Projects actively engage community members to increase access to their basic human rights or facilitate marginalized groups in exercising these rights. Whether working in health, education, livelihoods, or peace and democracy, SDP aims to find long-term solutions to complex issues through a multidimensional and integrated approach to development.

The Advocacy and Research Unit aims to enhance various civil society stakeholders' capacities for informed and educated negotiations for pro-people actions. The unit creates a synergetic convergence of its three diverse activities: research, information dissemination, and advocacy.

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