Program Areas

CWS-P/A programs are organized out of its three departments: the Capacity Building Program (CBP), the Disaster Management Program (DMP), and the Social Development Program (SDP).

With a network of close to four hundred partners, CWS-P/A adopts various approaches to project implementation. The organization can either be fully or semi-operational or work directly with an implementing partner depending on the type of project. This versatility enables CWS-P/A to cater every initiative to the needs of the communities, thus, preserving their dignity, self-reliance, and ownership.

Whether responding to natural disasters or man-made crises, CWS-P/A and its partners work closely with communities to build capacities and reduce potential disaster risks – and provide life-saving assistance in the midst of insecurity and daunting logistical challenges.

As the foundation of the long-term development of communities, CWS-P/A believes that education develops the capacity of children, youth, and adults to fully understand their rights, roles, and values.

CWS-P/A believes not just in the power of individuals to transform their own lives, but even more so in the ability of communities to work together to realize local development and sustainable livelihoods.

Poor, marginalized, and internally displaced persons in Pakistan and Afghanistan – especially women and children – face difficulty in accessing basic health services due to lack of infrastructure including hospitals, health personnel, and essential medicine.

Social injustice, gender inequality, and weak structures all contribute to the burden of poverty and further hinder the realization of human rights and social justice by marginalized groups.

CWS-P/A believes that the increasing of water, sanitation, and hygiene support to communities not only improves their overall health, but also can create dramatic improvements in areas like education, livelihoods, and food security.

CWS-P/A believes that the most important aspect of humanitarian interventions is that the assistance is actually accountable to the people it aims to support.

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