CWS-P/A's Capacity Building Program (CBP) regularly offers training workshops on a variety of topics including human resource development, risk management, peacebuilding, and research and advocacy.

The Advocacy and Research Unit aims to enhance various civil society stakeholders' capacities for informed and educated negotiations for pro-people actions. The unit creates a synergetic convergence of its three diverse activities: research, information dissemination, and advocacy.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports

CWS-P/A works to remain accountable to its partners and stakeholders through its annual report, documenting the work of the organization over the past year and communicating its financial accountability.

CWS-P/A, in carrying out its mission of providing relief and development assistance to the economically disadvantaged in the developing world, is often required to engage in the purchase/procurement of goods and services that will, directly or indirectly, benefit our beneficiaries.

CWS-P/A believes that community participation is an important aspect of project interventions. Understanding community needs is the foundation for relevant and sustainable projects that are based on respect and preserving the dignity of the people who are served. CWS-P/A defines participation as: an informed and empowered involvement of beneficiaries during all stages of the project cycle to the greatest extent possible in a given context.

Noor Mohammad and Mohammad Hanif attended CWS-P/A’s training on livestock management in Thatta District, Sindh Province. The training focused on educating marginalized families about livestock management and domesticating animals. This will result in improved income-generation for the families and improve their standard of living.

In the following video clips Noor Mohammad and Mohammad Hanif relate how the training benefited them, and how it is making a difference in their lives.

Since July 2012, CWS-P/A has operated a maternal and child health center is Thatta, Sindh. This center has become a pillar of the community, providing affordable and accessible health care to a community which was devastated by the floods of 2010 and 2011. Women and children benefit from health services and are building their overall awareness on pertinent health issues through the project’s activities. Changh, who is featured in the video, is a member of the Health Management Committee which provides support to the MNCH center staff and helps to ensure that all services are directly meeting the community’s needs.

To ensure the compliance of child protection policy, a four day training on Child Protection and Safeguarding was organized by CWS-P/A. The training emphasized on building capacities of thirty-two staff and partners in Sindh by focusing on child rights, development and protection in both local and national context.

In the following video clip participants share their personal experiences and how they plan to strategize child protection policy in their organizations to protect children from all types of harm.

To create awareness among communities and to overcome myths and fears about HIV&AIDS, Church World Service-Pakistan/Afghanistan organized Hands in Hands Festival in Thatta, Sindh.

The following video shares a glimpse of the activities and participants’ perspectives.

To increase community knowledge through preparedness measures and activities, CWS-P/A educated communities about disaster risk reduction (DRR) initiatives in Union Council Bijora of District Thatta. As soon as the flood emergency was declared in Sindh, CWS-P/A through its Mobile knowledge Resource Center (MKRC) vehicle started to disseminate information to mobilize communities. With aim to increase awareness about flood hazards and preparedness measures, pre flood safety messages were disseminated to reduce the losses. 
Through the innovative intervention of MKRC, CWS-P/A is educating communities to be prepared and empowered with skills and knowledge to minimize the risks posed from disasters. The MKRC also visits schools to educate students and teachers on how to prepare for and deal with possible natural disasters.

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