Pakistan Floods: Stories of Survival


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  • October 8, 2010

DERA MURAD JAMALI, NASEERABAD DISTRICT, PAKISTAN: The flooding in Balochistan as elsewhere in Pakistan is likely to change the demography in a big way since a large chunk of internally displaced persons (IDPs) won’t return to their homes in rural areas.

Boundary Walls

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  • October 7, 2010

ZIARIATABAD VILLAGE, DISTRICT SHANGLA, PAKISTAN: Anwer Saeed works in an electronics store to support his forty year old mother, Pashima, and two younger brothers. His father passed away more than ten years ago in a car accident. However, that was not the only loss for the family. The 2005 earthquake brought down the family’s house in Kohistan. The family once again faced great loss as devastating floodwaters washed away the boundary walls, two bedrooms, and kitchen.

SHANGLA, PAKISTAN:  Royan Bibi, a fifty year old woman from Dubair Nala located in Shangla, lost everything when destructive floodwaters washed away her house and thirteen others at the end of July. She now resides with her thirty-five year old daughter, Gulbha, and her family that lives on the opposite of the Hunza River.

Rabi Canal

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  • September 29, 2010

DERA MURAD JAMALI, NASEERABAD DISTRICT, PAKISTAN: Rabi Canal in fertile Dera Murad Jamali was split from Pat Feedar Canal in 1990 to irrigate agricultural land in several villages in Dera Murad Jamali. The canal saved standing crops in a miraculous way.

The gushing water hit the embankment of Rabi Canal with great velocity and made cleavages in twenty-five places. As a result, the canal started flowing, and standing crops on one side of the canal were saved. Of course not all crops were saved. Some villages were totally devastated.

“Those with money survive as they can go to private hospitals and doctors, but where do we go because we have lost everything?” says Dilshad Sultan, a mother of five children residing in Mohandari in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where the worst floods in Pakistan’s history began. Church World Service-Pakistan/Afghanistan is providing the most vulnerable families affected by the floods with food, non-food items including shelter materials, and healthcare facilities.

Beyond Time and Space

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  • September 22, 2010

DERA MURAD JAMALI, NASEERABAD DISTRICT, PAKISTAN: The 4-wheeler crept on the bumpy kutcha (unpaved) road along Pat Feedar Canal that happens to be the lifeline of hundreds of thousands of people residing in Naseerabad District in Balochistan Province. It takes as much as two hours to cover 40 kilometers and reach Raees Mohammad Khan Waja Village where Church World Service-Pakistan-Afghanistan distributed goods to the families affected by the floods.

The Lost Meaning of Hope

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  • September 9, 2010

"What hope do you have for the future?" I asked. Fifty-three year-old Khaista Khan of Badalai near Madyan in Swat, who had conducted himself with remarkable fortitude until then, broke down. Holding his face in his hands with great courage he fought back the tears. "I don’t even know what hope means anymore," he said finally.

A Family Tries its Best to Recover

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  • September 9, 2010

JARNAY VILLAGE-SHANGLA DISTRICT, Pakistan – How does a family regain its footing after it loses everything?

As flood waters recede, that is a question being asked millions of times over as Pakistanis begin the painful steps of reclaiming their lives following a month of grim disruption, loss, and trauma.

Suddenly, They Had No Roof

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  • September 9, 2010

It was sometime after nine in the evening and young Rizvanullah was at home in Badalai Village near Madyan with his parents and siblings. It was the second day of incessant rain the likes of which, so the elders said, they had never witnessed before. The word around his village was that this was the second deluge.

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Pakistan Floods

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