the worldAll through history, the world has experienced many changes, some good and some awful. Our present world today is full of opinions and distinct perceptions that we’re in each one considering they have the only reply, each one considering that they have the correct reply and a universe of ever changing culture, politics, and faith.

There’s not only one reply to a question; there are many replies to a question that work as well as the following. We can benefit from listening to all of the various views and come up with something that could benefit the world in general, by being such a diverse world. Is it possible for this to occur? I’d like to believe so but with this much comparison about so many different things the change would have to take place on a scale of mass consciousness.

So is there anything that we can do with the Law of Attraction  to help the world state being just one individual? There are there are only three responses to that question: Yes, yes, and yes.

Create visualization for the world. What world would be a part of and you like to see? Possibly states that help the sick and the hungry, help one another through calamities, and help the poverty stricken. Ensure that you simply do not focus on the lack of what is occurring when you visualize the planet as a whole. When focusing on the pain and desperation of calamity, you’ll most certainly begin to attract only that.

As each one of us focuses on happiness and the joy of assisting our fellow human beings through compassion and generosity we will in fact change the world. Think about how wonderful if your buddies who practice the Law of Attraction and you got together and created great group visualization. The more you concentrate and view no more than the positive within the world, the more your own world along with the entire world would gain.

By giving focus to the option of world hunger, war, sickness we’ll be doing so much more for this actual universe that we live in.

Contribute cash out of compassion to help humanity, but not from a space of feeling which you must help since you’ve shame or guilt that this has happened to someone. Leave the remorse and shame behind and focus on the positive aspect of what your cash is going to do for the folks of the world who desire it. And thank the Universe for the capability to be able to help.